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Impower Connection, Inc. provides turn key electric vehicle (EV) charging system solutions. We evaluate your needs, consult on grants available to help fund your system, design and build EV charging systems and provide long term maintenance to make commercial EV charging stations hassle-free.
How it works
EV Charging Solutions for Businesses and Governmental Entities

Impower Connection applies 23 years in business as a construction management firm to successfully leading EV charging installation projects.

Meet Our CEO Jeff Jones
Impower Connection was established to provide EV charging system solutions, including consulting on grants available, site planning, system design, construction and warranty service.
Impower Connection specializes in making EV charging station ownership easy, by providing professional planning, design, construction and maintenance services.
We envision a future where EV travel is carefree and our clients will rest assured knowing we have provided them with ideal, optimized EV charging systems. Driven by our passion to innovate, we will strive to give every station owner the power to charge ahead without worry.

Impower Connection Today

Impower Connection is the latest iteration of the firm’s passion to innovate and take an active role in delivering solutions for humanity. As with any new technology, there are always unknowns and complexities that can delay widespread adoption. Impower Connection makes getting EV charging stations easy, by handling each step of the process from consulting on grants available and planning tailor-made solutions, to managing the design and construction of the charging systems, and partnering for long term maintenance solutions.

Impower Connection


Since its founding in 2000, Imperial Construction has responded to market demands by conscientiously delivering high-need, high-value projects. With each opportunity and successful project, the firm earned more trust and loyalty from its clients. Jeff’s vision and commitment to excellence have been a driving force, fueling the company’s growth. Each successful project resulted in opportunities to undertake projects of increasingly higher stakes and complexity.

The company has adapted from its early days of building telecommunications facilities, to constructing corporate projects for its telecom clients. This led the firm to undertake communications projects in partnership with its telecom clients such as Raytheon for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

These airport projects paved the way for projects on military installations and municipal airports such as Meacham Field in Fort Worth, as well as other vital projects such as industrial facilities and churches. These successful projects opened the door to other municipal project types such as law enforcement and fire stations, and community centers. These projects led to K-12 and higher education projects, which comprise a large majority of the firm’s work today. Regardless of the need presented by society, the team has delivered for some of the most exacting clients in some of the most challenging sites and conditions.