How Businesses Can Generate Revenue and Provide Charging as a Service with EV Charging Infrastructure

How Businesses Can Generate Revenue and Provide Charging as a Service with EV Charging Infrastructure

Welcome to Impower Connection, your trusted partner in addressing the common concerns surrounding electric vehicle (EV) adoption. As the popularity of EVs continues to grow, it’s crucial to address one of the primary concerns that potential EV owners face—range anxiety. In this blog, we will explore the concept of range anxiety, its impact on EV adoption, and how our charging infrastructure solutions can help overcome this barrier. At Impower Connection, we are committed to providing comprehensive EV charging solutions that make getting and owning EV charging stations accessible and simple for businesses and governmental entities.

What is Range Anxiety

Range anxiety is the fear or concern that EV drivers experience relating to running out of battery power before reaching their destination or the nearest charging station. It is a common barrier to EV adoption, often stemming from concerns about the availability and accessibility of charging infrastructure. However, with the right charging infrastructure in place, range anxiety can be effectively addressed.

The Need for Charging Creates an Opportunity to Generate Revenue:

Range anxiety creates a need and market for EV charging. The growing number of EV drivers are actively seeking places to charge. While research shows that EV drivers save on total cost of ownership of electric vehicles, the research also shows that these drivers use those savings to patronize charging station site host businesses. In addition to profiting from the sales of electricity at charging stations, site hosts stand to increase their sales and gain visibility through charging site locator maps. 

At Impower Connection, we specialize in installing EV chargers for businesses and governmental entities throughout most of the continental U.S., ensuring a widespread and easily accessible network of charging stations. By providing EV charging solutions, we help businesses fulfill a need and increase their revenue. Though businesses located along highways, in commercial areas, and at popular destinations are leading the way with installing EV chargers, they can be installed anywhere. We are proud to help accelerate the adoption of this new technology and transportation through our work. Not only do the charging sites we create provide drivers with peace of mind and eliminate concerns about running out of power during their journeys, but our solutions also help entrepreneurs capitalize on this need in the marketplace. These solutions, when applied to governmental entities, help municipalities and states conserve tax dollars while reducing tailpipe emissions of their fleets and citizens’ vehicles.

EV Charging Attracts Customers that Spend Money in your Business:

By offering convenient EV charging stations, your business can be part of the solution. Most commercial grade EV chargers currently fall into two categories – level 2 and level 3. 

Level 2 chargers deliver a slower charge, but level 3 chargers can fully charge most vehicles in about 30 minutes. We provide both level 2 and level 3 chargers. Level 3’s ability to rapidly charge makes them a sought-after option for EV drivers. Businesses where customers stop in for about 30 minutes are prime locations for fast chargers. With rapid charging stations available, drivers can confidently plan longer trips, knowing they can conveniently charge their vehicles and continue their journeys without significant delays. Once your EV chargers are open for charging, you can register them on the many charging site locator maps online. Your business will become a visible beacon attracting these EV drivers. Rather than passively being open for business, EV charging stations can make your business a planned stop on the journey for these drivers that are proven to patronize charging site host businesses and spend more than traditional gas-vehicle drivers.

Workplace and Multi-Family Residential Charging:

We also specialize in workplace and residential charging solutions. By installing EV chargers at workplaces and residential complexes, we provide EV owners with the convenience of charging their vehicles while they work or rest. Because these locations have longer “dwell times,” level 2 chargers are more appropriate. This reduces reliance on public charging infrastructure and increases the accessibility and availability of charging options, further easing range anxiety concerns.

Level 2 chargers at office buildings or multi-family complexes can be an amenity or generate revenue depending on the preference of the owner. Some of our corporate clients prefer not to charge employees for using the chargers at work and instead use the chargers as a way to tout the company’s commitment to sustainability. While multi-family complexes may opt to sell the electricity and charge a premium should residents want to have a reserved parking place to charge.

Smart Charging and Route Planning:

Our charging infrastructure incorporates smart features such as real-time monitoring, remote management, and data analytics so you can monitor charger usage and revenue. These features enable EV charging site owners to control their pricing and manage their chargers in real-time. 

EV drivers can similarly monitor charging status, plan routes that include charging stops, and receive notifications to optimize their charging experience. Smart charging solutions enhance the efficiency and convenience of charging, minimizing range anxiety and empower EV charging site owners to optimize their charging businesses.

At Impower Connection, we understand the opportunity range anxiety creates for businesses. We are ready advise and guide you each step of the way, from helping you decide which chargers are right for you and where to put them on your site, evaluating your electrical power available, designing your charging system and site, permitting, coordinating with your utility provider, helping you choose a point-of-sale platform, managing the construction of your site, commissioning your equipment and showing you how to use it, and helping you maintain the system for its full life cycle with preventative services as well as repairs.

Through our comprehensive charging infrastructure solutions, we strive to grow their revenue by making installation of EV charging stations and keeping them operational simple. By making EV charging a viable business, we are helping businesses compete and be successful. Our work results in expanding the coverage of charging networks, providing rapid charging solutions, incorporating workplace and multi-residential charging, and implementing smart charging features. We help businesses advance their offerings and stay focused on their primary area of expertise such as customer service or business operations.

Visit our website at to learn more about how we can help you bring EV charging to your site; or contact us, email us at or call today at 817-341-0191.

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