NEVI federal EV charging program!

Impower Connection is seeking site host partners for the NEVI federal EV charging program! When you partner with us, YOU will own the equipment, set your own prices and collect all the profits from your chargers!


NEVI stands for National Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure, a program run by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration. In November 2021, the federal government allocated $5 billion to be distributed by the states for a national network of EV charging infrastructure to help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. NEVI is a result of this funding. In year one, the program executes the plan to strategically place EV charging stations on federally funded interstate highways approximately every 50 miles to accelerate EV adoption by giving drivers confidence to drive to have reliable, safe places to charge.

The following years of NEVI call for additional locations in county seats and other landmarks. Impower Connection is seeking NEVI site host partners for all years! We make this process and owning and operating EV stations easy! Contact us to see if you might qualify. We do all the heavy lifting so you can benefit from getting this equipment installed with a significant contribution from the federal government.

  • NEVI’s funding provides grants for 80% of the specified costs for EV charging systems at commercial locations to help pay for infrastructure, chargers, and site improvements related to the site, such as lighting and signage. This could be a significant sum of free money that does not have to be paid back.
  • Adding charging stations using the NEVI funds provides a boost to businesses by attracting drivers to the site to charge. It is proven that EV drivers enter the site host establishments where they are charging and spend money while the EV is charging.
  • Charging sites appear on numerous locator maps and apps, giving your business additional exposure to potential customers.
  • Diversify your offerings to ensure sustainability as EVs become a dominant vehicle on the road.
  • Earn revenue by charging users for the electricity consumed on the site as well as “connector fees.”
  • Be a part of an innovative technology movement that helps reduce emission pollution and reduce dependence on foreign oil.

Specific NEVI plan details vary from state to state, however, there is a set of criteria that must be met to qualify.

  • Impower Connection is a turnkey solution provider with a dedicated grants team to research your NEVI and other grant
  • eligibility and assist with grant applications.
  • Be within one mile of a Federal Highway Administration-designated Alternative Fuel Corridor.
  • Be at least 50 miles from an existing NEVI-compliant EV charging location.
  • Site must be available to the public 24/7.
  • Sites with amenities such as restrooms are preferred.
  • Site must have the space to charge a minimum of four EVs simultaneously with space for ADA accessibility.
  • We will help you see if you qualify for NEVI funding and other incentives.
  • Impower will advise and guide you through the grant process and assist with your grant application by submitting a professionally created proposal on your behalf.
  • We will plan your EV charging site, help you choose chargers that meet grant requirements, engineer the electrical infrastructure, install the chargers, assist with permitting, and build the needed amenities such as lighting, signage, and striping required for the sites.
  • We will show you how to use the chargers and associated point of sale platform so you can set prices and collect payments.
  • We provide maintenance and repair services for the life of your system.

Impower sells, installs and maintains EV chargers to businesses like yours. Unlike some EV charging business models, we do not retain ownership or operate the chargers we install. One of our greatest advantages of partnering with Impower Connection is that YOU will own the chargers, set your own prices for drivers to use them, and YOU keep ALL of the profits!

Contact us to discuss your location and learn more!


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