Power Up Your Fleet with EVs and get on the Road to Saving Time and Money with Impower Connection

How to Electrify Your Fleet

In a world where sustainability and savings align seamlessly, the transformation to electric vehicle (EV) fleets is no longer a futuristic concept – it’s happening right now. Picture an entire fleet of EVs cruising down the roads, making a positive impact on your bottom line while lowering tailpipe emissions. Whether you work for a government entity or business; or have a fleet of passenger vehicles, cargo vans or F-150 Lightnings, we are ready to help you keep your fleet charged up!

Unveiling the Road to Savings

Embracing and optimizing EV fleets goes beyond being an eco-friendly endeavor; it’s a strategic decision that fuels your business growth while leaving a smaller carbon footprint. While upfront costs for EVs might seem higher than traditional gasoline vehicles, the long-term benefits are undeniable – and the ROI comes sooner than you’d expect! Count the savings in parts and service, downtime, fuel, and operation expenses, and you’ll see the true power of this shift.

Did you know? A gas-fueled vehicle, averaging 30 mpg at $3 per gallon, costs around 10 cents per mile in fuel. Now, compare that to an electric counterpart, charging at 10 cents per kWh, costing merely 3 cents per mile. Imagine slicing your fleet’s fuel costs by a remarkable 70%!

Empowering Your Fleet with Efficiency

Maintenance takes a back seat in the world of EVs. With minimal upkeep required for most EVs over a decade, your maintenance costs nosedive compared to traditional vehicles. The mechanics are straightforward – an electric motor as the driving force with fewer components, leading to fewer breakdowns. The result? Your maintenance costs could plummet to just half of what you’re accustomed to with gas-fueled vehicles.

Your Electrification Journey Starts Here

Ready to electrify your fleet but unsure where to begin? Whether you are considering a pilot program or ready to execute a national multi-site program, Impower Connection is your guiding light to fleet electrification. Follow these simple steps to launch your EV fleet:

  1. Assess Customer Demand: The rise in global EV sales by 160% in the first half of 2021 is no coincidence. The desire for EVs is on the upswing. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, replacing your fleet with EVs is proven to save time and money and it makes a statement that you are prepared for the future.
  2. Equip Strategically: Let Impower Connection’s experts assess your site(s) and recommend the ideal equipment for your business. Preparation now ensures a cost-effective transition later.
  3. Select Your Charger: Our range of charging solutions, including the lightning-fast IQ 200, caters to diverse needs. Think 65 miles of range per hour instead of the standard 25, and 80 amps of output on a 100-amp circuit. Where you install them matters – lean on our experts to guide you.
  4. Unlock Grants: Grants and tax rebates sweeten the deal for every business installing EVSE. Maximize your benefits with our up-to-date commercial and residential incentives information.
  5. Craft Your Plan: We will provide a custom-tailored fleet charging program to meet your unique needs and site(s). Your fleet’s growth doesn’t fit a cookie-cutter approach, and neither should your business plan. Get started without hefty upfront costs and share in the profits.

Successfully implementing EV charging solutions for electric fleets requires careful planning, optimized infrastructure design, efficient charging management, and the right partnerships. There are common sense tips that business operators and government entities can follow. Yet the best way to avoid costly mistakes is leveraging the expertise of a turn-key provider that can evaluate your needs, design and build a customized EV charging system, and then provide long-term maintenance to make commercial EV charging stations hassle-free. Impower Connection is experienced in the unique challenges and requirements of fleet electrification. Our comprehensive fleet charging solutions, consultation services, and ongoing support ensure a seamless transition to electric mobility for your business. Visit www.impowerconnection.com to unlock the benefits of EV charging for your business.

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